1. Agencies

  2. Building & Development

    Find information about building inspections, licensing, code enforcement, community development, economic development, engineering, and planning and zoning.

  3. City Attorney

    View the City Charter and learn about the divisions of the City Attorney's Office.

  4. City Clerk's Office

    File a claim, request public records, and obtain license information.

  5. Court Services

    Access information related to the Canton Municipal Court.

  6. Finance

  7. Fire Department

    Check out the Canton Fire Department and view apparatus, stations, divisions, public safety information, and more.

  8. Housing Authority

    Browse through information for fair housing services, housing programs, rentals, RV parks, and more.

  9. Human & Cultural Needs

  10. Landfill

    Look through information about the Canton landfill to see rates and what can be disposed there.

  11. Parks & Recreation

    Discover what the Parks and Recreation Department offers the City of Canton.

  12. Police Department

    Browse through the different divisions of the Police Department, as well as programs, registered sex offenders, and the jail.

  13. Public Works

    Obtain information regarding public utilities, sewer, water, street maintenance, garbage, recycling, and more.

  14. Office of the Mayor

    Mayor of the City of Canton, Mississippi