Traffic & Ordinance Tickets

Ticket Information

At citation is a traffic violation that should be paid or placed on the court docket for a hearing within 30 days after issuance.
• Notification of a violator’s initial court summons is located on the bottom of the Uniform Traffic Ticket.
• After the 45 day grace period, failure to pay a citation or respond to a court summons will result in the suspension         of the violator’s driver license.
• If a hearing is held (with or without the defendant) rendering a guilty verdict or the ticket remains unpaid 90 days after   the suspension notice, a warrant will be issued for the total amount of citation including all late fees.

Payment Options

Canton Municipal Court Service provides violators with several different payment options including:
• Over –the – Phone payment via credit/ debit card
• Mail-in payment
• Online payment (
• Visit our office M-F between the hours of 8am to 5pm.

More about offers a convenient way to pay most traffic, misdemeanor, and parking citations for specific courts, saving you from the necessity of visiting the court in person and/or obtaining a money order or cashier's check that is often required when paying through the mail. A nominal case processing fee is charged for the use of this service. Any credit or debit card information you provide is never retained by our site and is only used to pay the citations you authorize.

If you have any questions please contact our office at 601-859-9291.

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