Defensive Driving Schools

Any person requesting a defensive driving school must, at the time of the violation, have a valid driver’s license in order to be eligible for a driving school. Not having a valid driver’s license automatically disqualifies anyone from attending.

Juveniles - Under 18
Juvenile traffic violators may be sentenced to attend a defensive driving school at the discretion of the trial judge. In addition, the judge will order 40 hours of community service at a location approved by the court. Successful completion of the driving school and community service will remove the conviction from the juvenile’s driving record.

Adults - Over 18
A violator over the age of 18 who has not had a traffic violation within the last 3 years may request a defensive driving school. This request must be made on or before the day of court. The violator will be required to sign a sworn affidavit that he/she does not have a violation within the 3-year period and any misrepresentation will be considered a contempt of court.