Human Services

The City of Canton focuses on five foundational elements in guiding and developing its efforts to provide human services education and assistance to Canton’s residents: 

• Empowerment focuses on building an individual’s and/or family’s strengths so that they can be the best they can be with minimum dependence on the human service delivery system and live a life of financial stability. 

• Prevention, Early Intervention, and Education focuses on services and programs that addresses needs and prevents subsequent problems, conditions, or issues before they develop into significant problems. Also, by creating educational opportunities, our citizens may become aware and enlightened in areas that could lead to stability, peace, and prosperity. 

• Community Catalyst stimulates the community to address human service issues, organizes collaborative efforts to assess needs, and creates community responses. 

• Continuum of Services provides residents access to a variety of services and programs that address varying levels of needs. 

• Service Accessibility and Acceptability focuses on providing and locating services and programs that are accessible to residents, reflect cultural sensitivity, and appreciates and understands the diversity of people, ideas, and values.